So, here we are.

Well, don’t look now but we are in the middle of a worldwide health crisis. And, for the most part, we can’t go anywhere.

To help with this crisis, I’ve created this community website which will initially serve as a virtual meeting ground for the 700 block of Fitzwater Street in Philadelphia—my block. Here, we can discuss how to help each other to be safe and remain sane…

I’ve been a web developer for more than 20 years. I’m working out the kinks in this site and consider it, for the moment, an experiment. The features I’ve created (or plan to create) include:

Registration—because this is a site for US to communicate and share.

Forums—to discuss the issues we face, and work out ideas for helping each other.

Zoom—embedded within the site for possible weekly live video meetings.

I’ll need your help. I’ll want moderators. And someone to create and manage a related Facebook page. If this all works, I plan to expand the reach to additional blocks and perhaps ultimately the entire Bella Vista neighborhood. And if THAT works, I’ll share this model with other neighborhoods—if there are people in each capable of running a similar website.

Let’s get through this. Together.

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